Veryan, Cornwall.

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This page is fairly dynamic. I would really like to include more information about Veryan on this page. Even though I lived near the village for 10 years, it is suprising how little I know of it's history. If you are a resident of Veryan I would be very interested to here from you. Also if you want to advertise here then please send me the information. Clicking
Here. Naturally I will not be charging for this as this is a non commercial site.

Introduction to Veryan

Veryan is a picturesque village located on the South coast of Cornwall on the unspoilt Roseland peninsula. Veryan and it's surrounding villages of Portloe and Portscatho are popular tourist destinations during the Summer months. Veryan itself is situated only 1.5 miles from a string of sandy beaches, namely Carne and Pendower. The village sports centre is very popular with the locals and Tourists, offering a variety of sport facilities including tennis and indoor/outdoor bowling.

Video Gallery

Here is a video I made the last time I visited Cornwall. I had a quick drive around the village and videoed a few key locations. I edited the scenes together and added some music.


Veryan Club flag. Flying as usual over the Outdoor bowling green
This is one of the historic and attractive roundhouses. This one is located in the North of Veryan - The Green

The British Legion hall. The venue for local markets and fairs. Also plays host to the occasional amateur dramatic production.

The Church

A lovely shot of the path leading to the Church. Lined with pretty blue flowers.

Is this your cat? I would be interested to know his name.

A closeup of the pretty flowers that line the path to the Church door.

A shot of some gravestones in the quiet graveyard.

More gravestones.

A shot across the graveyard at one of the many Roundhouses in Veryan.

The face of a grave statue that stands in the upper graveyard.

The old bumpy church path leading to the top gates.

A large tomb situated near the pond.

Veryan church tower.

A view into the branches of a huge tree that grows near the pond edge.

The Road that leads from Veryan to the Social club - Club hill.

The enterance sign to Veryan Sports and Social Club.

The Coalyard, now closed.

A large Stone cross situated outside the enterance to the church.

Veryan playing field. A large field in the south part of veryan on the road to Carne beach.

Veryan gallery. Selling a great many paintings from local artists. Well worth a viewing.

Granny's Attic. A shop situated in the centre of Veryan opposite the New Inn. Selling a variety of handmade items, as well as gifts and sweets.

The Green. Veryan green is virtually it's own village. The Green is seperated from Veryan by a belt of farm land and the manor grounds.

The Elerkey House hotel. A popular guest house situated in the centre of Veryan. Elerkey is taken from the word Elerk which is Cornish for Swan.

The local public house - The New Inn. Where I spent a great deal of my time pickling my liver.

Another shot of the New Inn.

The Manor. A huge house situated between Veryan and The Green. Said to be haunted by the ghost of Admiral Kemp. Who walks that corridors at 8pm every night. Someone told me that once.. It may not be true. Spooky.

Upper Mill. A restored and working mill wheel.

A shot of the playground situated near the pond in the center of Veryan.

Another shot of the playground where I used to play as a child/teenager.

A photo of Veryan Pond. Situated between the church and British Legion hall. This well established pond is host to a loads of wildlife.

The road leading down from Veryan Green to the Village.

The road leading down toward Upper Mill.

The famous pair of round houses on the road from Veryan to Carne and Pendower beach. A familiar site for thousands of tourists in the summer. These houses were built to prevent the devil hiding in the corner. If you have more info on the history of the roundhouses. Please send it to Me.

Another shot of the pond with the Gunera plant on the left.

A shot of a huge Gunera plant growing out of the pond.

A graveyard statue

The local shop for local people.

I think I was loosing ideas at this point.. This is the road sign for.. you guessed it Veryan.

The Water Closets. Both Male and Female accomodation.

Veryan Upper Mill. A converted Mill house that now serves cream teas, etc.

Veryan women's institute.