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Tim Mousseau\'s Lab Cam
A live video feed from Tim Mousseau\'s lab in the Department of Biological Sciences, room CLS 706, University of South Caroli na, in Columbia.Check for Ken, Wade, Jackie, Herrick, Sarah, Ronnie, Jamellah, or any of the large numb er of visitors that
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The 2 computers running SYGOL, a search en gine located in Italy.
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Webcam Web Web Master
Images on line of the Webmaster Patrick Sénécal Office at Montreal, Quebec in Canada, to observe that it occurs on the screen from the computer from this creative at work or see what occurs outside the local.
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Thing to make you go hmm

Did you know that The fungus called truffles can cost $800 to $1,500 per pound. They are sniffed out by female pigs, which detect a compound that is in the saliva of male pigs as well. The same chemical is found in the sweat of human males.

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