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MR2 Roadster
The worlds most affordable, road legal, go-kart

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New Car Diary

26/10 2002 - Today I finally did it. My girlfriend and I went to our local Toyota dealership and put the deposit down on a 6-speed manual, 2003 MR2 Roadster with leather interior and metallic sable (dark silver) paint job. Our car dealer (Robert) was brilliant and got us a winter deal that made import companies call me a liar! Now I play the waiting game. I never realised how slowly the hands on a clock move. As soon as I get it I will be photographing it and putting it on the site - royalty free.

It was hardly a complusive purchase, over the past year I had fallen in love with many cars, Audi TT (like a limo inside, but dull to drive), VX220 (The best car I have EVER driven, but a Vauxhall all the same), Z3 (Dull and silly looking). The MR2 may only have enough luggage space for a single parent family of field mice, but it is fun fun fun. Fun to throw around corners, fun to shoot off in up a motorway, fun to be seen in. I can't wait.

Interesting facts I have recently learned

1 - In road tests for mid range power (40mph - 70mph) the MR2 2000 edition out performs a standard Porsche Boxster.
2 - 0 - 60 stats on the MR2 are officially 7.9 seconds on the 2000 edition, and unofficially 6.9 seconds on the 2003 (6-speed) edition. I hope to test this.

18/02 2003 - Picked up my Sable 2003 MR2 this morning. One little disappointment were two roughly 3"(squared) blemishes in the paint work (very deep) on the front and rear bonnets. The Toyota dealer was very embarrassed and promised to replace both panels in a couple of weeks + bung a coating of sureguard wax on it for free. So once I was appeased, I let my girlfriend fly it off the forecourt! WOW. I don't regret this purchase for a minute. I just can't seem to get this stupid grin off my face!!

03/03 2003 - Well.. the day of the respray came, when some clever bloke at Toyota decided to blast a heat gun at it and the mark vanished! Soooo glad I didn't have to drive around in a Yaris for a week.


I was astounded to discover the mass following that the MR2 has had since it's creation. Best of these groups is MR2-ROC, they have a large discussion group mailing list, if your question can't be answered here then give up.


Top-Gear MR2 Review - An excellent impartial review of the rev-1 mr2 roadster by the beeb. 18.9Mb (Few minutes on DSL, 23 days on a modem)