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Emailacar.com - EmailaCar lets you leave a message for another car driver by using their car registration license plate number. Want to let that idiot who cut you up know EXACTLY how you feel? Or maybe you want to get in touch with that hottie you spotted in the traffic on the way home. Send or check your messages now Putting drivers in contact with each other anonymously

The Generator Blog - This is a blog of generators; web applications that generate (make, produce, create) something in your web browser for your entertainment. This site updated daily and is a lot of fun. I am TOTALLY addicted

Superstitions - A blog listing all the omens, myths and superstitions in the world - not one for the neurotic.

Music Video of the Day - The best in online music videos, something for everyone, visit once and you will keep coming back.

Fun Video of the Day - don't spend hours surfing through google video. Watch the best of them here. Funny, amazing, shocking, astounding, addictive watching

GAMES Zone - Bored? Looking for some fun addictive online games, then look no further.

Optical Illusions - The best optical illusions on the internet in this handy blog format. Keep checking back for more and more fun illusions.

Concept Cars - Photographs and designs of the most beautiful vehicles you will probably never see on the road.

Bandwagon Pop Blog - Run by a friend of mine to represent all that is wrong in popular culture purely to get the hits.

Witty Quotes - The best witty quotes from the funniest and clever people in history.

Toy Ray Gun & Space Gun Collection - A list of my personal collection of toy rayguns. My collection includes guns such as the Hubley Atomic Disintegrator, the Han Solo Blaster by Master Replica and Daisy Buck Rogers Atomic Pistols from the 1930s. Every item is fully described with price information.

Parenthood for Dummies - A witty and honest look at the world of being a first time dad. A scary time for the bravest individuals. Follow the life of an average guy who has his world turned up-side-down by a little baby.

Ghostly Picture - The world famous ghost picture, can you spot the ghost in this seemingly ordinary picture?? Many have witnessed it, few ever speak of it again!

Random Insult Generator - Click here to get insulted, keep reloading the page if you are a sucker for punishment.

My Toyota MR2 Roadster 2003 - Everything you ever wanted to know about the 2003 model Toyota MR2 Roadster (or Spyder) as they call it in the states.

3D Face Model Creator - Answer some simple questions about your features and lifestyle and my program auto magically generates a 3d model of your head! Has to bee seen to be believed.

Virtual Bubblewrap - POP all the virtual bubble wrap you want for ever!

My Claymations NEW!! - In my spare time I produce short claymations, feel free to download, distribute, etc. However, if you are planning to broadcast them then please ask permission first. Hope you like them.

Quote of the Moment - This page supplies you with a witty quote each time you visit it.

Peter Kay Quotes - Funny quotes from one of Britain's funniest men

Random Film Plot Generator - Calling all Hollywood Producers. Stuck for ideas for your next blockbuster. Then why not use my Film Cookie Cutter. Each Film is unique, so click & reload for another classic to be.