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Claymation by KiTT
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STAR CHAVS I: Curiousity Destroyed The Planet - Technically this is my most sophisticated film so far. If I can rant for a minute - I work hard for a living, pay my taxes, have a HUGE mortgage and generally get by OK. What I cannot stand are Chavs. People who take pride in being an underclass. Getting pissed, fighting in town centres, vandalising property, wearing thick gold chains on the outside of kappa jackets, smoking like trains, squeezing all their friends into over-modifyed Vauxhall Novas and generally taking pride in intimidating ordinary decent people. I am not a snob, I simply CANNOT understand why chavs are on the increase. Is life in the UK just too damned easy for these disestablishmentarianist leeches? Anyway, political ranting aside, this animation is a homage to Chavs everywhere. It is worth a download. Roughly 10Mb over 4 minutes, so it will stream on a broadband link, if not then save to your desktop. Click to Download Windows Media Player Version or Click to Download REAL Player Version

Killer Poo NEW - After having a very complimentary e-mail from a class of animation students in the USA - I decided to write an epic animation - it is currently under production, but in the mean time, here is a sample of a rotoscoping / audio syncing test I did. It is pointless but fun Click to Download Windows Media Player Version

Blue & Red - My best short animation so far, which is strange because it only took me a couple of hours. It is a story about how you should never underestimate your enemy :). Click to Download Windows Media Player Version or Click to Download REAL Player Version

Invastion of the Blobby Snatchers - My longest animation and one of my first. It is a story of love, death & psychopathic blobs of clay. Click to Download Windows Media Player Version

Sam the Ceramic Bloke - My first animation using clay, it kept drying out and so I got bored before I started. To be honest, this animation is crap to say the least but it shows my progress as an animator. Click to Download the AVI file

Silver the Tin Man - My first animation EVER. No practise animations, I just did this one day when I was bored and I got the bug, it is quite amusing really seeing as it took my only 1 hour and the star (Mr Baco Foil) is made of... well.. baco foil. It is a story of a tragic road traffic accident.Click to Download the AVI file

Computer Geeks - The Trailer - I was commissioned by the boss of my old work place to do a story about my colleagues in a South Park style. I did 75% of the animation but never finished it, here is the trailer of some of the scenes from that movie. I used a 3d/2d computer animation package to do this but the trailer was patched together from some early test animations made out of paper. Click to Download the MPG Quicktime file

Kung Fu - A very short animation to test the 2d/3d animation package that I used to do the computer geeks film. The two characters Penny and Phil have a short fight. Click to Download the Windows Media Player Version

The Salzburg Ghost - This is not strictly speaking an animation but a test of computer graphic effects. I produced it to fool a number of "Ghost Spotter" sites on the internet, it worked, one site had a link on their front page for weeks. You would not believe how many people believed this. Click to Download the REAL Player Version

Other Animators

Cousin - To prove that claymation can bring speak a powerful message. This is a truely moving story where the animator recalls a childhood friend with cerebal palsy. Really brilliant. Click here to visit external link - then click watch film

Interested in Animating Clay - Then you can't do much better than AnimateClay.com click here to visit


claymation.kitt.net - Is a new animation blog where I will be showcasing all my animations as I produce them. Please visit this site and keep checking back as I plan to update it frequently with new movies.