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My god! Someone has click on the "about" section, not just anyone in fact but YOU, one of my most treasured visitors.

I suppose you want to know about KiTT NeT then. Well it is a long story, beginning way back in the summer of '99 (in the last millenium). It was a hot summer. 1999 brought us some pop new kids; britney spears wobbled onto our mTVs, Eminem started chainsawing stuff, and Macy Gray explained to us how life was. All this pop crap paled in comparison to the dream of one man, a man who went under the pseudonym of KiTT.

By day KiTT busied himself in his job, wiping up the foaming crud left over by the freshly exploded dot.com bubble, but by night he built his dream. The dream was to create a single point of reference for the massive number of voyeuristic geeks that needed to watch other voyeuristic geeks through low res, grainy, cheap webcams. A hole in this market was filled by KiTT.NeT - a webcam directory, nay, portal that has been ripped off many times but never ever bettered.

Nowadays webcams are all a bit, meh, but the webcam section sits here, gathering dust. The kitt net empire has expanded way beyond this small beginning. Now it is a community of individuals who occasional come up with a stupid idea which goes viral for a few months before dying out. That about sums it up. Enjoy!