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"I speak twelve languages - English is the bestest" - Stefan Bergman

I am currently studying in London at the moment and I am a keen mountain biker. But there are very few mountains in London so I spend a lot of my time cycling through the city traffic of London. I have recently started a mountain bike club in London, we organise trips out of the smog every couple of weeks. I would love to hear from any Mountain Biking addicts out there. I will happily link to your page or give you a shout. E-mail will get to me via here. I am also running the section called "Mountain biking" which appears on the menubar at the top of the screen. I run the section with the permission of Christopher (KiTT). If you liked the camera then please send me an e-mail. Even better you could join up one of the money making schemes below, noone has joined yet, so you would make me happy. I use Ciao alot it is really good, they pay you to write reviews on stuff, then you get paid when people read your reviews. Try it. The link is below.

About my Cam

I am online alot, when I am not online you will see the last set of pictures. I am working on a better system so at the moment the updates are very slow. Please come again, I love to chat with people so stay in touch, especially if you are into mountain biking :-)

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