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"Whenever people agree with me, I feel I must be wrong" - Oscar Wilde

Welcome to KimCam. - Hmmm this cam was not my idea and if I dont keep it there, kitt lobs paper balls over the partition bludgening me down little by little with his demonic crumpled cluster bombs. I would like to say hi to my mum coz she rocks and shes harder than your mum (and my dad come to think of it!) and also I would like to big up the back of Phils head which undoubtedly single sidedly made this webcam craze so popular in this neck of the woods. Word to my homies and dont forget to vote. This picture updates every 20 secs, not the fastest update on the web but it will be faster soon. It is reloaded automatically being a clever applet that it is. As you can see ladies it was well worth the wait

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