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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jayden's first few steps

Jayden took his first couple of steps today - we can't really say he is walking but it was an amazing milestone that made me feel so elated! He is such a happy baby, but recently he has been very sad. He had a terrible vomitting fever, which the whole family had over the period of a couple of weeks - the WORST couple of weeks of my life I might add. Then we all caught a cold, then the flu, finishing in bad coughs. Bad luck I guess. Jay, being the youngest, got hit the hardest. He had a high fever for about 72 hours, it was frightening. On top of it all he is teething. Today is the first day he has been a lot better, so when he dared to take a couple of steps from me to mummy it made me feel even more happy.

He laughs and smiles EVERY time I walk into the room, nothing in the world makes you feel happier than a little guy like Jay looking at you adoringly.

Ripley today looked at him, laughed and said "I like Jay Jay". We all love him.

In Other News

I met a few of my good friends from Uni for a 10 year reunion. It was criminal of me not to stay in touch until now, they are a great bunch of guys and it was fantastic to see them again. They haven't changed a bit and for one night I felt like a kid again, bitch of a hangover though.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Observation_: One Year

okay, I have plugged in my voice recognition system, and now I am trying a new experiment, I am just going to speak, I am going to let my train of thought flow on to my blog with out any editing. This might get a little bit confusing, my voice recognition system is only 99.5% accurate so it is likely that there will be a few spelling errors inside this blog entry. at least it will give you an impression of how I speak. Okay then what shall I talk about, I suppose I had better keep it on topic and talk about Ripley.

He is walking around now, more than ever, in fact he is probably walking more than he is crawling. It is more like tottering, he looks a little unstable but he hardly ever falls over. Once or twice he has even picked himself up from the floor without anything to hold onto, this is one of these milestones that you read about. I am really pleased with his development, it is much better than I could have ever hoped for, he is not even one yet and he is really coming along with everything he does.I don't want to sound like a boasting parent, but I am truly am proud of everything he does and as a result I tend to go on and on about his achievements, believe it or not I don't talk about how well he is doing to my friends as much as I do to my family and to this blog, I really try my hardest not to be a bore. If you are a parent you will know how easy it is to be a baby bore. The fact is he is doing loads of things that an 18 month old child would be doing and even beyond that, switching into baby bore mode here is a list:

building blocks
numerous words
playing hide and seek
finding objects that are hidden or obscured by other objects

I really am awful, this voice recognition system is going to make this blog very boring, I find myself boasting to you, the anonymous Internet cloud, because I really can't do it to anyone else, apart from my family of course.

I just started his trust fund the other week, I am putting some money into it every month, it is basically a form of government tax, the UK government "generously"gave every child born in the UK 250 to start a trust fund, I can't help but be a little pessimistic about this generosity, the trust fund is accessible by the child when he or she reaches 18 years of age. It will be just in time to help pay for their tuition fees, I am fairly sure it is just a way of making it socially acceptable for parents to foot the bill of what traditionally has been funded by the government. It is nothing more than a stealth tax. It will cause and even greater divide between the poor and the rich, because not everybody will be able to contribute regularly to a trust fund, so at the age of 18 your child's life and direction will be determined by how much money you were able to save. I guess these are the perils of a capitalist society. Don't get me wrong I really am a rather conservative antidisestablishmentarianist, you see there is a very good example of why which voice recognition is great, I would never have been able to spell antidisestablishmentarianist in a million years.

Anyway, I had better get back to what I was doing, this certainly saves my fingers a lot of wear and tear. I will try and think of something a little more interesting to say next time.


Monday, March 07, 2005

Ch ch ch chaaaanges

Hello anonymous internet masses(+ friends & family)

It has been a while since my last update. I have been very busy in my working & home life and haven't had the time to post any updates. "Must try harder" was a familiar comment on my report cards at school.


Spring Clean - Bought myself a fantastic gadget phone that will make it even easier to update my blog, best thing is that I justified this extravagance by raising the money entirely from selling crap from my attic! 400 from stuff I would have chucked out! Fantastic. Feels good. Penny, realising the opportunity to make money of out thin air, is continuing this practice and is helping pay the bills with minimal effort.

Money - I sat down with Pen and worked out a fantastic financial plan that will free me from the weighty shackles of my mortgage in a very short time frame. Just need 4 sticks of dynamite and an AK-47, no.. seriously - I am getting closer to freedom - God I can't wait. I cannot stand the "Buy now pay later" culture we currently live in, every other advert on TV is promoting faster and more efficent ways to get people further in debt, I am determined not to be a part of it.

Fitness - Our dining room door is graced with a colourful chart reminding us that weight loss is a key objective for the next 6 months. <sigh> God I miss Pringles. On the plus side. Both Penny & I have lost - wait for it - 9 lbs each! In a couple of weeks it will be a whole stone at this rate. How? Just eat fruit instead of sweets & cakes, cut down on fatty food (turkey instead of chicken, grilled not fried), eat less white bread & potato, each more salad, try and take 10000 steps in any one day (requires pedometer). Believe me, I feel better for it and it is easy.

The Kid:

As for Rip, I have this overwhelming feeling that if I blink I will miss some part of his development. He laughs and giggles. Picks up objects and passes them from hand to hand - invariably stuffing them in his mouth. He is so close to his first really big milestone - rolling over onto his front. Doesn't sound like much but it is frustrating watching him rocking backwards and forwards and almost making it. Once he gets over he will then work out crawling, the first steps come next, a few months later and my chimney sweeping business will really take off ;)

Rip has now had 2 swimming lessons. Which involves floating him around the local baby pool for an hour, splashing water on his face and dunking him right under. Sounds cruel but he loves it. Hasn't cried once and often pops out of the water with a silly surpised smile on his face.

The Important Things in Life:

As you know, I am a bit of a "heart of my sleeve" type - and I know that can seem fake to people that don't know me. But my family have continued to be fantastic. Dad has visited twice and is very attached to Rip (as Rip is to him). Pen's Mum and Dad are always helping and continue to be invaluable. Mum is never off the phone to me, and Kieron although spending time in hospital is planning a visit as soon as he is well. As for Penny she has been fantastic, she has taken to parenthood far quicker than me. Ripley has vocal moments that would make an Brazilian Howler Monkey jump 3 foot in the air, Penny smiles and gets on with it and I know that her role in our relationship is much more challenging than my daily grind plus she still finds time to do freelance design work!

Also, we made the dramatic decision to sell the sports car, it practically encourages my bad driving so I am going to downgrade to a Smart Fortwo (cheap to run, slow as hell, cool) - hell, if you find yourself fitting a demographic you might as well not do it by half measures - I am all for form over function - I am a dedicated follower of fad yuppie fashions - the only difference between me and everyone else is that I am not deluding myself, in the words of Popeye - "I yam what I yam" - wise words indeed from the pipe smoking spinach junky.


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Ripley's 1st Smile

As you can see from that last pic, I have invested in a baby carrier, it is great, I now have both hands free to do things - tidy the house, blog, even eat on occasion. He is in it as I type.

It is 10am & Dad has just left, I miss him already, it was really nice to see him and he adores Ripley (though still not the name :) ).

So what has been happening since my last post. His sleep pattern hasn't been improving, once he wakes up at 3am that's it until 9am. Don't get me wrong, he isn't wailing the house down, he is just awake. He is actually quite a calm kid only crying if excessively; hungry, cold, tired, damp, soiled. I get the best end of the deal, I feed him at midnight and 3am, then Pen takes over for the next shift, unfortunately as I just mentioned the next shift can start straight away :S

My main concern is that Penny won't get used to the lack of sleep, early signs are that she is coping fine - which makes me happy. She naps during the afternoon and that does her the world of good. On average mothers with newborns get 5 hours sleep in a 24 hour period, I am sure Pen is getting much more than that.

Anyway, Pen came back from the doctors, hip check for Rip (no problems found). The doctor made an interesting comment, she said that he is exceptionally strong. She found it difficult to check his hips because he was pushing back with such force. She said that she would expect that from a 3 or 6 month baby, but not a 10 day old newborn. Judging by the weight, length and strength of Ripley, she thinks he will be very big and strong. This is excellent news.

Anyway, the main reason I posted, he passed a milestone last night. During a nappy change, which can be and usually is a traumatic experience for all, he started to smile. It came from the baby massage I was doing to calm him down. You basically get them undressed and gently run your hands over their arms, legs, etc. He just made a happy squeal and started smiling. Usually this is just wind so I ignored it, but he just kept doing it for about 30 minutes. I even woke up Penny. He was smiling, laughing and playing as we tickled him. I even videod it as I was sure we had hit our first milestone. These markers along the road make it all worth while.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

First Night at Home

Wow! The rollercoaster rumbles on. Didn't get much sleep last night (7am now). Ripley was crying quite a bit, changed him twice, etc, etc. Still not happy... Then as if by magic he started feeding properly (we were worried he wasn't getting enough). Well he has worked it out now! He is asleep in my arms as I type, Pen is having a bath and a relax she is FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC. We are all very happy :) Even with the lack of sleep, I still feel I am coping OK, especially when you get past these milestones.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I had a really horrible dream last night.  Penny has an appointment with the doctors today, I remember when she told me yesterday that my heart leapt - "There's nothing wrong is there" I said, a little white eyed.  "No no, just a standard check-up".  I settled back down on the sofa, but evidently that statement permeated my psyche and led to my nightmare.  It was simple enough, I won't go into huge detail, it basically involved Penny telling me that the doctor had said there might be something wrong with the baby's spine.  I was so upset in the dream that it woke me up numerous times through the night, hence my eyelids are sneakily shutting whenever I am not playing attention.  I know this is normal, I guess that process of bonding has already begun.  When I first heard about "the bump" my immediate concern was; will Penny be OK at the birth.  Now I am just about equally worried about that two of them.  I guess that is the way it is going to be now, intense worry, interspersed with the odd life changing milestone as we watch him develop into our Rest Home fund (only joking Son, you need your cash for flying cars and space trousers) :) Ahh, the circle of life.