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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jayden's First Steps!

He has been climbing up things and doing some controlled falling between objects, but not what you would call walking. I said to Penny today - I guess he is different to Ripley (he was walking at 11 months), Jay is so well developed in other ways. As we were talking about his walking, I picked him up, put him on his feet and let him go. I do this exercise quite often but this time he just stood there for about 10 seconds. We were dumb-struck. So I tried it again and he took 4 proper steps over to Penny!! Wow, we started cheering and clapping and he started shouting and laughing back. He was very pleased with himself. I am very very proud of the little fella.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


just recently I have started to feel really bad about the fact that I haven't been blogging anything about Jayden. It occurred to me that in the future he might read this blog and think, hold on, why didn't that write anything about me, why is this blog all about Ripley. Well Jayden, I guess you are right, this blog has mainly been about Ripley. The reason why is that I used it as a method of discussing the various issues that arose from raising my first child. The fact is that Jayden has been much much easier. When you have a second child you just know what to do, things happen naturally. I haven't been stressed. I haven't been worried. I have just been enjoying watching him grow up. But just that the record I feel I ought to write a bit about Jayden.

Jayden is coming up to 10 months old. And he is staggeringly intelligent. He has recently been hinting at his first words. He occasionally says dada and mama. he has been calling for a long time now, he is now thinking about walking, in fact he has been pulling himself up on to his 2 feet for a least the last couple of months. He has a lovely personality, he is brave, intelligent, happy and so cute. I am truly proud of him as I am proud of Ripley to.

I feel incredibly lucky to have two such wonderful boys.

Sorry I haven't been writing that more JJ x.