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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Credit Crunch

It has been a while since I wrote anything on this blog. Since I last wrote it seems the entire planet's financial system have gone into meltdown and the optimism and growth of the early 00's has turned into a dark, cold, depressing, homeless person vomiting on a puppy reality that we have today. People are loosing their jobs left, right and centre. Friends are getting laid off in other companies. I have to say (touching wood as I type this (I really am)) I have been unaffected, but that really isn't the point, the fact is that everyone, me included, feels like they are walking a tightrope between stability financial ruin. My house, my families greatest asset, seems to be shrinking in value every minute. This point alone doesn't really concern me, but so many people now have negative equity, it is frightening and adds to the sense of worry building in the UK today. Of course, being the miserable bunch of b*stards that we British are, we are sure to be the LAST to escape a recession. The US will pull through first, yanking most of the world with it, but the UK will continue to squelch around in our own media driven self-pity, it is what we do best. So, it looks like this cold depressing winter will be showering snow flurries of instability for a few years longer, I just hope I can stay on the tightrope until I get to the other end and make it to the springtime of financial growth, - I love a mixed metaphor coupled with a nice stretched analogy :)

P.s. I hate the term credit crunch.