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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ripley and his drawing development

I found this excellent site on childhood artistic development milestones.

Ripley is only just gone 3, so he should now be moving from the scribbling stage into the early points of -

8< - - - 8< - - - 8< - - - 8< - - -

The preschematic stage

First conscious creation of form occurs around age three and provides a tangible record of the child's thinking process. The first representational attempt is a person, usually with circle for head and two vertical lines for legs. Later other forms develop, clearly recognizable and often quite complex. Children continually search for new concepts so symbols constantly change.

8< - - - 8< - - - 8< - - - 8< - - -

So with this in mind, I think this drawing is very advanced for a three year old.

It is ME! He has clearly defined a head, eyes, mouth, body, arms and legs! I felt very honoured :)

He is now drawing T-rexs, which have long tails and zigzag mouths representing "scary teeth". He usually carefully cuts around the picture and gets upset if any appendages get sliced off. He certainly has an artistic streak. Jayden really enjoys art also, he is scribbling away like crazy! Watch this space for more!

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Name for Prunes

OK - I admit this is an in joke that only a few people would actually understand.