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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Goodbye Lawrence Jupp

I heard some tragically sad news today. A friend from my last place of work was killed on his motorcycle.

Lawrence Jupp was a truly nice bloke in every sense. I know this is a cliche but he was one of those rare individuals who didn?t have a bad word for anyone, for that alone he was well liked and respected by all.

He was trustworthy & friendly, with an adventurous and active streak that always put his pasty-faced IT friends to shame. I have fond memories of spending sunny evenings flying sports kites with him.

He had just returned from a round the world trip with his lovely girlfriend
Claire. I remember him enthusing to me about his travel plans just before he left - I was REALLY jealous of course, not because of where he was going but because he had the guts to just pull up his roots and GO. He had a real sense of adventure which was quite admirable. I was expecting him to pop up on messenger and tell me all about his trip around now. It is wrenching to think that he is gone. My thoughts are with his close friends and family.

Here's to Lawrence, a really nice guy!

Here are is the link to Lawrence's round the world trip photo album (some really professional shots in there, it seems he was a talented photographer too!)

Here is the link to his travel blog

If you knew him please comment below.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Runaway Bubble

Sentimental but cute editing experiment. It tells the true story of my son and his attachment to a bubble, naturally it ends badly, the relationship was doomed from the start.


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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jayden's First Steps!

He has been climbing up things and doing some controlled falling between objects, but not what you would call walking. I said to Penny today - I guess he is different to Ripley (he was walking at 11 months), Jay is so well developed in other ways. As we were talking about his walking, I picked him up, put him on his feet and let him go. I do this exercise quite often but this time he just stood there for about 10 seconds. We were dumb-struck. So I tried it again and he took 4 proper steps over to Penny!! Wow, we started cheering and clapping and he started shouting and laughing back. He was very pleased with himself. I am very very proud of the little fella.

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