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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jayden's first few steps

Jayden took his first couple of steps today - we can't really say he is walking but it was an amazing milestone that made me feel so elated! He is such a happy baby, but recently he has been very sad. He had a terrible vomitting fever, which the whole family had over the period of a couple of weeks - the WORST couple of weeks of my life I might add. Then we all caught a cold, then the flu, finishing in bad coughs. Bad luck I guess. Jay, being the youngest, got hit the hardest. He had a high fever for about 72 hours, it was frightening. On top of it all he is teething. Today is the first day he has been a lot better, so when he dared to take a couple of steps from me to mummy it made me feel even more happy.

He laughs and smiles EVERY time I walk into the room, nothing in the world makes you feel happier than a little guy like Jay looking at you adoringly.

Ripley today looked at him, laughed and said "I like Jay Jay". We all love him.

In Other News

I met a few of my good friends from Uni for a 10 year reunion. It was criminal of me not to stay in touch until now, they are a great bunch of guys and it was fantastic to see them again. They haven't changed a bit and for one night I felt like a kid again, bitch of a hangover though.