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Friday, March 31, 2006

Low point_: Sleep, I hardly knew ye

Sad news in the paper this morning (see left - click to enlarge).

Ripley - isn't sleeping again - in fact he isn't just "not sleeping". He is SCREEEEEAMING the f*&Ģing house down. Seriously I don't know HOW I coped the first few weeks of his life when he did it a lot. Basically it feels just as bad if not worse than that. We have no idea why in the last few days he has got SO bad. We have to assume he is in pain with his teeth or has a bad tummy or something, anything! But I think the reality of the fact is he loves to be with him Mum and Dad so much that he will drive us to the point of a major killing spree so that we take him into our bed for a quiet life. It makes you a nervous wreck. You end up lying in bed waiting for the air-raid siren, that is his cry, to start up. And yet he is so lovely through the day. A wonderful little chap who delights literally everyone he sees. We end up taking ages to get through supermarkey checkouts because we end up with 2 of the counter staff making "goo goo" noises at them, one said the other day - "I have seen cute babies but he is too cute" she had a slightly nervious look about her when she said it, I know what she means, I feel like telling her - yep - you guessed it - he is the devil in disguise. During the night I could happily sell him to the nearest Nomadic Desert Tribe for 7... no... 5... NO.. 3 camels.... with limps... and dodgy humps. Anyway - he is a cutey pie really, it is a true test of a good parent on how they deal with this kind of situation... being a true amateur, I have bought a book.

I didn't really go on a killing spree. So, wondering how I did the newspaper thingy? - then check this out. The newspaper snippet generator

For EVEN MORE fun check out this FANTASTIC blog dedicated to All things that generate other things :) The Generator Blog


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Low point_: Vomit & Hateful Looks

Not a good night. Ripley is ill. Picture the scene; I am tired, Ripley is in bed, suddenly we here him vomitting while lying on his back in the cot. Penny is first on scene with me seconds behind. We clean him up, I give him water, he vomits. We clean him up, I give him water, he vomits, repeat 4 to 5 times. After a while I give him some baby paracetamol which he usually loves, but this time he screams at me and gives me a look of pure hatrid, I manage to get a bit in his mouth... he vomits. At this point he is so tired he falls straight to sleep. Having used up virtually all of his sleep suits in 1 hour we decide to put him in our bed, he sleeps the rest of the night soundly and wakes up feeling much better - though still very unwell. The difference now is that yesterday I was the bee's knees, today's I am... erm... the wasp's sting, (bad expression of a paralogical metaphor extended from the root term). He can't stand me, won't let me hug him, won't even look at me really. When I hug Penny he screams at me. This is not good, I can't seem to get him back on side, it is as if he has on some level blamed me for his illness. I know he doesn't understand why he gets ill but I feel tired and ill myself and now I don't even have my little boy making me feel better. Not a good day.


Monday, March 20, 2006

Photo_: Ripley at new House 16 Months

Mastering balance on our shiny floor in our new house. Wobbly snail about to get a shove across the room.
Desperately trying to grab my camera lens in this shot



Monday, March 13, 2006

Photo_: Various Photos of Ripley

Quite cute really. The photo where he is looking a bit lost was taken just as he woke up in our big double bed all by himself. It was a priceless moment, he didn't see me across the room, he blinked and rubbed his eyes, looked around and then lifted the covers of the blanket clearly in search of his Mum and Dad, then thinking he was on his own he did the look I managed to capture above.



Diary_: all go again

Off to Amsterdam for a meeting. It is particularly hard to leave the kid now he is hugging, kissing and waving me on my way, it was easier somehow when he didn't pick up the vibe that I was going away for a while.

He is a lot of fun nowadays, he plays chase (although is it never clear who is chasing who and it ends up being quite a dynamic game). He also tickles peoples rib cages :)

He did something spooky today, he found a spirit level and started walking around measuring the level of various surfaces and watching the bubble, we never showed him how to do that!

He is totally settled and I feel is much happier in our new house. Which makes it worth while.

Top Tip_: Dummy / Pacifier Control

If you, like me, have a toddler with a passion for rubber mouth plugs then I have worked out a cunning way to limit the amount of dummy usage and encourage self relaxation. Simply put the dummy in the cot and never take it out. The baby quickly learns to associate dummies with cots. This has two effects. One it makes the idea of having a dummy less attractive, Two - it helps the baby relax when he/she is in the cot. It works wonders. Rip never has a dummy now unless he is in his cot. Next tip will be how to get the toddler off the dummy altogether, problem is I haven't worked that one out yet :)


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

High Point_: We have MOVED HOUSE

Ok - secret is out. We have moved house! Didn't want to "jinx" it by talking about it before it was in the bag. Basically a few miles from where we used to be, bigger garden, more space, garage, etc, etc. Just MUCH better.

The first night was difficult, no matter how excited you are about moving house you always have a feeling of displacement, you wonder when you can go home. Anyway - it has only been a few days and we have settled right in. Just sorting out a few things as it is a bit of a dump.

Ripley was unsure at first but has now settling in and loves the additional space. Wooden floors mean he has bumped his bottom a few times - nothing serious. Anyway - tired and lots to do so I had better get on with it.