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Thursday, August 25, 2005

My Friends Dan & Lorraine Gilbert

Lorraine is having a baby! I am extremely extraordinarily outstandingly over the moon about this. Lorraine and Dan could win "Parents of the Year" and that was before they were expecting. They are just great with Kids. Dan is like some kind of Doctor Dolittle for children, they just seem to gravitate toward him, must be his amusing craggy face, wooden leg and handlebar moustache.

I got him onto the blog thing too - Click here to read all about it - Good Luck Dan and Lorraine!

They are coming tomorrow! Woohoo! I imagine being with them is better than watching them through the remote control webcam.

Looks like Penny is eating some apple or something

Not long now! WooHoo

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

San Fran Again

DeJa Vu here I am again - In sunny California - missing home. This time it is different. Pen & Rip are flying out to be with me soon and I am dead excited. I have rented an SUV (so I can blend in at the fuel station) in anticipation of their arrival, then we are off on a californian adventure. I cannot wait! I posted a couple more pics (see below). I am tired so this post is missing the my usual wit that keeps you guys coming back ;) Sorry

About to jump off the toy trunk

Walking with his trolley

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

spooncam activated

What are you looking at?

Cheese & Pickle sandwich

Open the bleedin gate

Ascent of Mt Father

Who is that on TV?

Quick Kiss

First Holiday Together

Ok - just a quick update then I will chuck up some recent pics.

He is climbing like crazy now. Turn your back and he will be up something. Stair gates have been installed. He even holds onto things like the sofa / bed and moved around the room, it is amazing to watch. He hardly ever falls over now.

Everything is working out pretty well. Penny and I are as happy as we have ever been. It really feels like we have reached the crest of the hill with this baby malarky.

Also we are off on Hols soon! San Francisco here we come. I have rented an SUV (5 * safty rated one). We will be spending a week on the road in sunny CA, starting in San Francisco and heading out into the wild :) We are really looking forward to our first family adventure.