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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

6.5 Month Update

In the last couple of days he has started his first crawls across the living room floor. He mainly pulls along with his arms but is working out that the odd kick with the legs helps him go faster. Sometimes he gets into the rhythm and he is off. We cannot leave him alone for more than a few seconds. The other day he propelled himself off the sofa, I caught him before he touched the ground but the shock made him cry and I felt bad about that. He sits up by himself now too. His tooth is just poking through and is causing him pain and us sleepless nights. It is difficult at the moment, especially as I have a new job and am trying to concentrate on that. The job is going well, I am off to Paris then on to Amsterdam in a few weeks, I miss everyone when I am away, but as I am working from home now I can take my coffee breaks with my family. Here is a photo of the little fella sitting up by himself.

Oh yes, took him to have a look around the Surrey show the other day, he got moo'ed at by a very big cow and cried for about an hour. I guess we can strike farmer off the career list.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

First tooth

Haven't seen it yet, but apparently it is through!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Good weekend

I'm tired. Great day biking san francisco. Now I'm walking up stockton
road back to the car, will try and grab something to eat along the way.
Then driving to campbell to try and get some sleep. Not long now until
I'm heading back o the uk, it seems appropriate to quote a gay icon when
I say "there's no place like home".

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Half way

I am stopped half way across the bridge... You might know I have an
irrational fear of fog horns, well as I stared over the edge (also
scary). PAAAAAAARP. It is directly under me. Everytime it goes off it
gives me a real fright. No veiw.. Too foggy. But the view down is
astounding. Got to go now, fog horn really starting to spook me.

The bridge

Well, I'm looking at it. The fog is spoiling the view a bit, but the
size is very impressive. The fog horn is blasting away, it has to be
the loudest fog horn on the planet, the residents here must love it. The
wind is whistling in off the sea and if it wasn't for the cycling I
would be cold. I am going to cross the bridge to sausalito now, it
looks pretty from here. I can see massive waves breaking around the
first pillar of the bridge at the point where the land meets the sea,
and you guessed it, people are surfing - jumping off before the waves
break on the rocks! Crazy! Right I'm off.

Day 2 in San Francisco

It is 10.40am and I have just stopped at a cafe having just trekked from
downtown toward the wharf. The plan today is to bike the bridge. I
have a ruck sack for all my stuff, the only problem is I feel tired,
sunburnt and I have a stinking head ache. The coffee, cheesecake and
water is helping but I may yet have to hit the painkillers. I am as red
as a beetroot, the hazy sun yesterday lulled me into a false sense of
security, won't make that mistake again, now covered in sun block I
resemble a greasy lobster. I am missing home and spent last night
worried about work, I feel I have lot more to learn and not much time
to do it in. I'm walking the plank and about to be dunked in the deep
end. Ah well, I miss having my family around to talk me out of my daft

My first impressions of SF are:

- man, the hills are steep
- wow, every other person appears to be insane, seriously, there are a
lot of crazy people here, must be lsd dropouts from the sixties?
- chinatown in sf is just like china, the most chinese chinatown I have
ever been in.
- there sure are a lot of men holding hands here, not too surpised about
- parking is expensive
- the wharf is cheap tacky and touristy, I love it.
- wow loads of seals
- I haven't properly seen the bride... Which moves to my last point..
- fog, mist, it come and goes with amazing speed.

Anyway, having fun, missing home. Signing off.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


Well, I'm touring alcatraz, at the moment I am sitting in the wind
swept courtyard where the prisoners sat watching the city through the
haze. A seagull is squarking at me because I'm too close to her nest.
The wind is blowing hard and I am alone. This is a creepy place.

Pier 39

Chris on Pier 39 - taken by the Sea Lion Webcam by Penny back in Guildford

San Francisco

Just arrived at my hotel in San Francisco. The journey up the 880 was
nice. It snaked through the californian hills which are densely wooded
and tinted blue. As I approached the city I the bright blue skies
subsided to a thick blue fog. It was shortlived, as I came to the end
of the freeway I popped back into the sunlight again. I am in my rather
small but very nice hotel room and about to head into town! This is mny
first look at san fran and I'm really excited! Will update you later.
Signing off.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

On a jet plane

Well, started the new job. Always hard trying to find your feet in a
new company, so far so good, just the usual blind panic and stress. As
I type this (on my new gadget courtesy of the company) I am sitting on a
flight to San francisco. I have to say, leaving Penny and Rip was
really hard. REALLY hard. Queuing for security checks I was hoping
that they might discover a reason for me to stay in the UK, alas no. I
am looking forward to learning lots + touring the city. I guess time
will fly, so I need to concentrate on the task at hand - working out
what my new job is about :)

I'm about 7 hours in now, watched 3 movies, eaten 5 bags of peanuts,
drank 2 pepsis. I like flying, everyone in my family believes it to be
the best part of a trip :). I guess it rubbed off on me. Its 6pm back
home, Rip will be getting tetchy and Pen starting to feel tired, hope
she isn't missing me too much. Pop... The distant sound of champane
corks hahaha

Pen will be more worried that I am missing her too much, silly really,
I will be too busy to wallow in self pity (shame, I enjoy a good wallow
once in a while)

Ah well, this diaristic (is that a word?) behaviour must stop. I will
drop this into my outbox and hopefully it will send when I arrive.

I love my blackberry... It is my only outlet at the moment... That and
the airline peanuts.
Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

Sunday, May 08, 2005

May 2005 Update

Ripley is now a couple of days away from 6 months and has passed his Level 1 swimming, he can now propel himself along under water (note: not above water :). He seems to enjoy doing it massively (see pics below).
As for me. Well, I finally left my Job. Starting my new one tomorrow, bit nervous, but not for long I am sure. Flying to San Francisco on Wednesday for some training, never been there so I am looking forward to it.
The big 30 approaches for both Penny and I. Got to do something, can't think what, oh well, something will come to me.

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