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Thursday, April 28, 2005

The worry that wasn't there

My life is stressful at the moment, but it need not be. I am just worried about what might be without looking at what is. A wise person (Dad) once told me that fear & pessimism are a form of cowardice. I didn't agree at the time, but in retrospect I understand and can see the logic.

A pessimist will plan for every single 'worst case' scenario in a situation and in doing so feel that he is cushioning himself from the blows that may be coming, this is similar to the behaviour of a quivering lap dog, nervously flinching at every noise and finding comfort only in the arms of it's owner. An optimist, however, will accept the risks in life, live each day as it comes and turn any crisis into an opportunity.

The pessimist will feel he is bravely marching down a rocky path with all the risk and danger that involves. An optimist will know that the path is as smooth as you make it and is truly the braver of the two.

Although it is often passed off as a Nursery Rhyme, I feel that Hughes Mearns is saying a great deal more about the ridiculousness side of human fears in "The Little Man Who Wasn't There"

As I was walking up the stair
I met a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today.
I wish, I wish he'd stay away. *

I am going to make a concerted effort to see the glass as being half full, rather than half full of green stinking carcinogenic chemical sludge. Because when I am optimistic I am happy and when I am happy Ripley laughs at me (tenuous link to keep this posting on-topic)

*This quote is 100% correct. The internet has a habit of getting things wrong, other people on the internet have a habit of then copying wrong information 50 million times. Take my word for it. I researched this and can say with little doubt that you are reading the correct version of the text :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

New Job

It has been a busy and stressful few weeks, but I am happy to be able to announce that I have a new job. It is a fantastic opportunity with a start-up in the UK and I am looking forward to it. That said I will miss my friends at my old company enormously.

One of the many benefits of the new role (that is pertinent to this particular blog - desperately trying to stay on topic) is that I will be working from home, this has the advantage of less time sat in traffic jams and therefore more time spent with my family. Have I found the holy grail of roles? A job with enormous potential but without the usual negative affect on family life! I am optimistic that this is a brilliant move.


Saturday, April 16, 2005

Rolling Rolling Rolling

Yep, he is rolling over, has been for a couple of weeks (4 month & 3 weeks).  I was over the moon, just forgot to mention it.  Crawling next! Woohoo!

Weening - forgot to mention - the little fella is starting on solids, he seems to like them but it is a messy business.

Smarty Pants - first drive

Budweiser for Babies - don't try this at home

Friday, April 15, 2005

.-= STRESS =-.

God I am stressed! ! ! ! ! ! But in a good way - more info to follow when my life settles down a bit. Apologises to friends and family who haven't seen a pic of the kid for a while. More to come I promise you.

Following the success of my 0-7 week DVD box set (I'm joking it is just one disc) - I plan to do a "day in the life" while he is still cute - hahaha :) Will be doing that tomorrow... by the end of it he will be convinced his Dad is a Sony Camcorder.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Where did you get that hat?

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Finished the Charity Ride

Well I did my bike ride for the Childrens Hospice in Guildford.
Here is me going along on my bike along the Guildford canal path:

This is me having a rest:

This is my arm after falling onto some barbed wire, thanks woking and district angling association for the careful placement of barbed wire on a public footpath gate, still bloody hurts:

Number of times attacked by Dogs : 6
Total raised for CHASE (http://www.chasecare.org.uk/) 102
Not bad for a fun ride in the country.
As Father Ted would say, the charity money is just resting in my account until I have collected it all. CHASE is an extremely worthwhile organisation that raises money to help terminally ill kids and their families, if you want to donate then please visit their website.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Back Home

Haven't posted for a while. Got back home from my week away last Sunday. It is great to be home with Pen and Rip. The reaction from Rip when I appeared was priceless. He was asleep and I was sitting on the sofa watching him. He opened his eyes and looked at me, staring unblinkingly for about a minute without a trace of expression on his face. At this point I was convinced that he had forgot who I was. I picked him up and he had a better look at me. He then started laughing, REALLY laughing, then stopped, then started crying just for a few seconds which soon merged back into laughter, this repeated a few times. He was really pleased to see me again. He just couldn't quite decide if he should be happy or sad :) Cute.

Over the last week I had 3 major niggling worries in my life, 2 of which I can't go into detail for various reasons. But by far and away the most worrying of them all was a small matchhead sized bump on Rip's hand. At this point I must say that the doctor has seen it, he is perfectly OK and I am assured that the bump will disappear over time. It is just one of those ganglieon things (bad spelling). Pen and I breathed a sigh of relief I can tell you. It was funny how all the other "Big" problems were thrown into the shadow this little bump. It reenforces the fact that everything takes a second place to the well being of your family. That is obvious but sometimes you get reminded. Now that the doc has said all is OK my other problems came back into focus, I had forgotten about them and now they still seem insignificant.