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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Dad's Suggestions for Baby Names

Dad hates Ripley, so here are his suggestions for a baby name:

Dayton, alden, ashton, auberon, jake, marty, braydon, brennen, elsdon, eugene, conner, xaivier.

and these are just the ones that didn't make me sick. :D - the search continues.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Listening to the Heart Beat

I was working from home today, I have a very understanding boss (probably the best boss I have had in my career thus far). I had a x-ray appointment from an injury I got in 'Nam (Tottenham) :) Also I got to sit with Penny for her Midwife appointment and listen to the baby's heart beat and hold her hand when her blood taken (couple of armfulls this time). Everything was fine. Only now I sit here typing do I realise how lucky I am. My psuedo semi-karmic woolly liberal-like attitude toward religious belief has led my to start thinking that if I am not grateful for my good fortune then karma is going to kick my head in. So I am thankful and I plan to donate some money to child related charities once this is all behind me :) That should get my karma up. STOP IT... Anyway, I am relaxed now + I got loads of work done so the boss will be happy too. Maybe I should start my own religion, here are the rules:

1) Relax and be nice to everyone.
2) While nodding and smiling piously. Send your cheques for £100 to Christopher Gray Feel-Good Liberal Religion group.
Note: soul no longer your property, some demonic monsterism may occur in the first 2 weeks; glowing eyes, tail, horns, etc.

I think it could catch on.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Baby Centre Hospital Bag List

God I love baby centre, I found this article which stopped me worrying about what to take to the hospital - Packing your hospital bag? What to take...

My Current Concerns

I am sitting in a cold and LOUD server room watching my server install (slowly). So I thought I would write down things I am worried about (in no particular order):

1) Will Penny be OK giving birth?
2) Will the Kid be OK being born?
3) Will he be 100% in tact?
4) Will Penny get post natal depression after he is born?
5) Will I?
6) We we cope?
7) Will we get help & advise if we can't cope?
8) Will I EVER finish the nursery?

Pull yourself together man... I will answer my own questions....

1) Penny will be fine, she is a big strong girl, she is 100% fit.
2) Kids are born all the time, there is not reason to presume this one will have a problem.
3) We don't have any serious genetic problems in the family, he should be OK, and if there are any problems we deal with them - stop worrying about what you can't change you moron.
4) Probably not, but I will help her if she does.
5) That would be a little self indulgent would it!
6) Yes, even Chavs have kids (too many if you ask my right wing side). They may have to cut back on the lambert & butler but they seem to cope, so can I.
7) Penny's Mum and Dad live around the corner, I would have to use a big stick to stop them helping :) We are very lucky and will be fine.
8) Penny's Mum & Dad will probably get bored of my faffing around and paint it magnolia.

Ahh... that's better, these blogs are great.

Will having a kid calm my ROAD RAGE!

Hi there, my name is Chris and I am a bad driver. I get angry with people. I drive dangerously. I just can't calm down behind a wheel. Will having a kid change me? Will I mellow? Will I see the bigger picture and learn to drive safely? I hope more than anything that this is is the case - we shall see.

Thinking of a Name

Blimey this is tricky! Unless you are put in a position where you have to decide on something that may change another person's life then you probably don't appreciate the gravity of it. Or maybe I am over thinking this. For some reason I picture the seen of his first job interview, and the interviewer looks down at his notes and notices my boy's first name - the same first name as the guy who ran off with his wife the week before, consequently the interview is a disaster :) Silly - but that is the way I think - very long term. You may not like the fact - but first impressions affect your opinion of people before you know them. If someone talked about their friend - Bert, you assume, you classify, you catagorise, you file. Bert is a name that conjures up doddering old fool in baggy trousers and a knotted hanky on the head. I apologise to people called Bert, but you get the point. So this is important. Our son can't be mainstream, but he can't have the piss taken out of him.

We have narrowed it down, you can vote here. Make your choice.

You can view the results here

Penny and I love Ripley, it is an old English name. Elliot is good (for a boy). Sam is cute, and so on.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Torture Device

I just bought a steriliser on my lunch break and saw a breast pump on the shelf of mothercare. I can't think of anything more traumatic than having to use one of those. Poor Penny :S

Increased levels of agro

I am not a thug. I believe Noel Coward said it best with "Violence is the repartee of the illiterate." I couldn't agree more. Chavs (rednecks in crap cars with spoilers see here) are ruining England. I can only put down my emotions to a genetic requirement to protect Penny. I have noticed it most when walking around town. On 3 occasions I have been very close to punching drivers who have driven too fast near her, happened again yesterday. I am acutely aware of Penny when I walk through shops and pour scorn on anyone who dares to get in her way. Penny apparently has noticed similar emotions.

How did it happen to me?

One thing I have noticed about my life is that "having children" is generally something that happens to other couples. This is why it still feels... well.. a little unreal, a bit fuzzy. I turn around and see Penny sometimes and it hits me, HOLY CRAP! SHE REALLY IS PREGNANT! Not just once in a while either, this happens all the time. Am I strange? Penny and I have been together for erm.. 8, 9 years, something like that, so people have on many occasions in the past enquired as to our thoughts on parenthood; "Not in a million years" has been my quick retort, Penny would (I now know) flick a thin pained smile and wonder where is our relationship was going exactly. Don't get me wrong, I was not pushed into this. I kind of started thinking it would be fun to have a V2.0b running around. Hell it would make Christmas more interesting. And my friend's kids seem to like me...

Then I crashed the car.

This made something click into place - if I had hit that barrier a little faster then maybe we could have died or been seriously hurt. It doesn't bare thinking about. Apart from the bruising (mainly to my ego, I am not the driver I thought I was) we both walked away. We replayed the crash for days after, this apparently is normal after a traumatic event, and we came to these conclusions 1) Don't let Chris drive a rear wheel drive car in the wet at speed (that was Penny's) 2) Let's have kids (That was mine). A couple of months later and Penny is pregnant. So something good came out of that terrible day. I now have the same car, but I drive it (a tiny but) more sensibly.

So now you know how we got into this situation. It is still weird. Maybe talking to you (anonymous internet cloud) will help me understand things. Probably it will just serve to amuse my Wife, friends and colleagues when they type my name on google and find this site ;)

My First Post

Well, here it is, my first blog item. This blog will hopefully help any new fathers out there. Also it will give me the chance to let off a bit of steam about my life. It is basically going to be a diary of events, good and bad, while I try and learn how to be a good father.

Here are the facts:

My name is Christopher Gray. My wife Penny is expecting a baby boy. He is due to be with us on November 6th 2004. I live in Surrey, England and I am an IT consultant.

Now on with the show....