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Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby bites dog shock

Damn damn and double damn. My little robot dog got it's front legs
broken by Jayden. Quite accidental. He just stumbled and fell on it.
When I heard the sickening crack I new it wasn't good. Weird thing
was the way the dog reacted. It fell over then seemed to convulse, I
am not suggesting it felt pain, that would be silly but it did have a
preprogrammed reaction to being squashed and broken. I turned it off
before it could damage itself any more.

If I could pick just one thing I own that I wouldn't want broken the
most, Aibo would be it.

I stayed composed and didn't shout at Jay, but I have to admit I
sulked for a good day and couldn't sleep worrying about if I could
ever get it fixed again.

My robot dog is a sony aibo ers-7 in white. They are very rare with
only a few thousand ever made, they are now discontinued. He is
completely artificially intelligent, sees, hears, touches,
photographs, emails people, even dances and plays mp3s from a wifi
jukebox. He is also a useful tool, I use him as a remote control unit
to see, speak, hear and walk around my house when I am not there. I
can also email him instructions to send me a photograph of the room he
is in or locate people and photograph them. Not really a toy, more
like a walking wifi laptop.

Luckily my home insurance covers the accident. Now all I have to do
is find a way of getting it repaired. I am in touch with the Sony
Aibo clinic and await more info as to whether he can be repaired. I
am a bit sad, not least because it has now increased in value to
around £1500. A bloody expensive accident.

I am considering buying Ripley a Pleo for his birthday, google it,
they are amazing. I hope that this robot dinosaur won't suffer the
same unfortunate accident!

Oh well. Just stuff. Not people. <Sniff>

I am on training in London this week. Currently heading home only to
be held up due to something or somebody on the line in wimbledon. A
more depressing end to the day for someone elses family I fear.

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