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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Watch the Skies

So, it has been a while since I blogged last. I have realised that I simply do not have the time to blog nowadays. I feel a little guilty about it, I used to blog all the time when Ripley was a young baby and now Jayden has come a long, I don't do any blogging at all. I hope when Jay gets a little older he doesn't take offence that I never used to write about him. I can assure you little man, the reason is I simply do not have the time any more. I have started doing volunteer work for a charity organisation in my home town, I find it very fulfilling but it soaks up the last few hours of the week I might have to do any blogging.

So what has been happening? Well Jayden is now six months old and is a literally bouncing baby. Ripley is now partly potty trained and is chatting away whenever he can get a chance. He is a clever and fantastic little boy, and we are very proud of him. Jayden is totally different now, he is very cute, very observant, he has such a lovely personality I cannot possibly explain in words. Ripley is a mini me and Jayden is a mini Penny, and we are not so bad to have as role models IMHO ;)

The reason I felt compelled to write today was that a pigeon smashed into Ripley's window and almost gave his mum a heart attack. The pigeon was killed instantly and left a bloody smear on his window. Penny told Ripley that the pigeon was dead. Ripley seemed quite concerned about this and kept repeating the word dead for a while. It was a sad moment having to explain to him what dead was.

"pigeon dead daddy"

"Yes, I know, do you know what dead means?"


"What does it mean?"

"Tell me" (this is always what he says)

"Well, the pigeon got badly hurt and has gone to sleep forever"

"Hahaha Noooo Daddy Hahaha"

Being one of those godless whingeing liberal semi-agnostic types, I opted for the line "He has gone to sleep forever" - in the future I might explain what other faiths believe, I think it is very important as a parent not to guide your children down any religious or even anti-religious path. Children should always be allowed to make up their own mind, this is why I am so against Sunday schools, baptism, and so on. Each to their own.

I don't have a great deal more to say. I am happily raising my family and all is going well. Sorry I haven't written for a while. I can see it has affected my stats massively, come back visitors all is forgiven.



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