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Monday, January 08, 2007

Bye bye dummy

At the begininning of the week we took Ripley's dummies (pacifiers) away from him. When he was due one for his morning sleep he cried and cried for about an hour (real tears). Later in the afternoon he looked up at me tentatively and said "dee" (his word for dummy), I looked and him and said "sorry, there are no dummies...", his eyes saddened, he did a big sigh, looked down at his feet and slowly said "all gone". That is the last time he asked and I feel like I have taken something away from him, I feel awful. I keep thinking, so what if he liked his dummy, it was cute, what harm was it doing really? But then my "real dad" portion of my brain tells me it was for the best, it might have damaged his teeth and he needs to learn to self calm without an external device, hey, here is a thought, maybe all smokers had a dummy at one time :) that would remove the macho image. LOL.

Anyway, basically he doesn't seem to even remember them now. He seems happy and appears to sleep better, for example he doesn't wake up in the night when his dummy drops out, which is a common problem.

I miss my family again today.

P.s. I am in a taxi again... (8/10 crazy driving rating)


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