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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Father of 2 update

Another blog entry, which means - you guessed it - another taxi ride to the airport. It is cold, dark and wet this morning, in fact the rain has caused widespread flooding through my part of England. I am getting over a nasty cold, cough and slight flu, but still feel a bit down in the dumps.

Thought I had better write something on being a double dad; I guess it is easier this time, it seems that Penny is more relaxed, life is a lot simpler when you have the experience of having had one baby already. I have been more helpful this time, conscious of the fact that Penny was so exhausted last time, the problem is I have exhausted myself. Ripley is in his terrible twos now, it is just starting to surface, tantrums, screaming, generic naughtiness, etc. Still pretty cute at this stage :) he always brightens our day and thinks I am amazing today because he heard I was flying in a jet plane.

I am starting a new job which is big learning curve, I have climbed more severe curves in the past but somehow life seems more challanging when you don't feel well and haven't had enough sleep. I am digging deep and pulling out some enthusiasm, but my new job will, initially at least, involve some time away from home and I take home sickness to a whole new level of projectile vomitting.

Anyway, M25 now, motorway hell is just warming up. Only away for 1 day today which is good, because to be honest with you world - I don't have the energy.


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