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Friday, June 02, 2006

First day at Nursery

I walked with Penny and Ripley to nursery this morning before work. It is Ripley's first session, this time he spends it with Penny present so that he can get used to it. He is coming up to 19 months old, which is quite young for nursery unless both parent's have to work of course - a common issue in Rip off Britain. Penny being a housewife can dedicate her time to the tricky job of raising Ripper. So why are we doing it you ask? We both want him to have an increased amount of social interaction with similar aged children to help his social development. Also by playing with other boys and especially girls, his speech skills should get a boost, as has been observed with our friend's children. It is good for Ripley... So how come I feel so bad :(


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