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Monday, June 12, 2006

Diary_: California here I come... again

Anyone reading this blog would think I travel a lot. The fact is that sitting in airports and on planes is now the only time I have free to do a bit of mindless blogging. My life is very busy now-a-days.

Not a great weekend really. Weather was nice, I am obligated to mention that as a Brit. Oh... We won the football too.. Which is nice. Again, mentioned out of obligation not any interest. The sooner all the astras are deflagged the better. It's not that I don't wish England well in the world cup, but my dislike of yob culture (and flags on cars) almost outweighs my desire to see England win. Weird huh. I was in town the other day, where the local lads celebrated with a massive town centre brawl culminating in 4 police vans funded by the tax payers, this is in the middle of the day in a small market town full of smiling parents taking giggling children to buy ice cream, etc, and that happens when we WIN! Supporting football in England unfortunately tars you with that brush. Yobs ruin it for everyone. So I will cheer from the comfort of my living room without ramming the st georges cross down people throats or emotionally scarring children with public acts of extreme violence. If that makes me an unpatriotic, asylum seeker supporting, m&s trouser wearing, bleeding heart liberal then so be it.

Sorry.. Rant mode not quite over... Went for a bike ride while the football was still playing on Saturday, thought it would be an ideal time to use the empty Queen's highway + I felt compelled to fade out. Funny thing was the roads were busy and every other car had england flags waving in the breeze! So, my question is, WHY WERE THESE PEOPLE NOT WATCHING THE FOOTBALL??? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE SUPPORTING??? It is even more painful to think these flag waving fools are doing it for nothing.

So why the bad weekend I don't hear you ask, surely undeserved patroitic behaviour didn't ruin those sunny days. well to tell you would be too much info for any blog, but I will say that sometimes life will fire a warning shot, and the terror of thinking that you will lose what you care about the most suddenly brings life back into sharp focus. I am the world's most thankful man. Just wanted to log that, the detail is not for here.

On the plane now. 2 channels on the "entertainment" system are dedicated to the recent 1-0 Engerland "victory" over the MIGHTY Paraguay :smirk: - note to self - over using the sarcastic quote marks :).

Anyway - this blog is about being a parent. Rip has been showing real humour and independance recently. He stomps his feet when things don't go his way. He laughes until he gets hiccups when I tickle him for mispronoucing a word (sounds cruel but he really loves it). He has started nursery for a couple of half days a week which he initially hates with a previously unseen passion but he can't be dragged away when we pick him up. He plays all day in the garden playhouse, activity centre, swimming pool & herbie car. He is addicted to Thomas the tank engine (as - through brain washing - am I). He is just great. The heat doesn't suit him though, I am seriously thinking about buying an air con unit - bloody global warming. I miss my family badly when I am away and I am never ashamed to say it like most blokes my age.

Anyway - I have noticed the intelligent google ads on this site seem to focus on depression and sleep disorders, time to change the subject I feel - I am feeling good about life at the moment, I won't be gone for long, I am interested in the work I will be doing on this short trip, I will be spending time with a colleague who is a great chap and 'hey' California ain't so bad! Dad is even threatening to visit in a couple of weeks. Generally speaking I am OK.

Wow... Long post... Well I will send it when I land so same rules apply. If you're reading this I made it to SFO, if not I have been giving myself rsi of the thumbs for nothing.


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