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Monday, May 15, 2006

Diary_: Time away again

I am flying off to Amsterdam again, this time for the whole week. Penny was clearly upset to see me go which made me feel sad. Ripley sensed something was up too, he gave me a hug and a kiss with very little prompting as I left.

6:30 on the m25 and the traffic is really building up now. A guy with an "ingerlund" st georges cross flag stuck on the roof is broken down on the hard shoulder looking stupid, its called karma mate - take the stupid flag off your car and demonstrate your support for the England team in an english way i.e. Quietly accepting bitter defeat in the quarter finals with a stiff upper lip. Also an interesting fact is that the number of flags appears to be directly proportional to the inabilities of the driver, a bit like the cornish kernow (or wonker) sticker sported by young farmers. Jeez, where is this rage coming from... Rant over.

My diary entries are sounding like the repressed mutterings of adrian mole of late.

Almost there now, starting work this week with a need colleague and good friend. Looking forward to it.


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