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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hint_: Controlled Crying

Basically it works. It is harder for the parent than the child... but it works and I recommend it. After only a few days he is sleeping through the night and everyone is happier, here is how to do it, please note the books say that if your child has emotional problems you shouldn't do this, mind you - don't all babies have emotional problems? What consitutes an emotional problem in babies... answers on a postcard.

1) Put them to bed, say goodnight and don't make a fuss, walk out.
2) Ignore the screaming for 5 minutes (hard part)
3) Walk in and stand by the door, do not approach the baby and in particular do not kiss, cuddle, etc. Say in a loud, firm, but loving way "Go to sleep baby, Mummy and Daddy are just in the next room" or something like that.
4) Walk out slowly closing the door (should not take longer than a minute or two)
5) The screams will probably rise in level at this point.
Repeat after 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, then continue every 15 minutes.

The baby works out that crying doesn't work and the periods of time get longer, so they go to sleep. Everyone is happy. It sound cruel but believe me (and the experts in many books) it does no harm to the child, the only person it is likely to psychologically damage is you as the procedure is counter-intuative for a parent.



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