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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hint_: Controlled Crying - IT WORKS!

Ok - it has been a few weeks since my post about just starting "controlled crying" with Ripley. To recap, in an effort to get him sleeping better, we used the generally recommended practice of letting him cry for longer and longer periods until he falls asleep. Click here for my first post on the detail of it.

Well basically, after 2 - 3 days of trauma (mainly for us), he now sleeps soundly through the night, better still when we put him in his cot he is wide awake and doesn't make a peep - just falls quietly to sleep, BETTER STILL we had such a massive success in such a short time that we moved him into his own room (which we quickly finished decorating) and he now sleeps soundly through the night in his OWN ROOM!!! I can hardly believe it myself and nor can my wife. Ripley - for those who don't regularly read blogs - was easily the worst sleeper of all the babies we know. He had real problems, and yet after only a few days he is sleeping soundly and everyone is happier, healthier and better rested for it. Fantastic. If you have a baby that doesn't sleep - don't suffer it! Try the controlled crying method - I totally 100% recommend it.

Oh yes - while I remember - I have included a flickr badge on the right hand side column with the most recent pictures of Ripley. Alternatively you can just click here



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