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Friday, April 14, 2006

Diary_: 17 Months - New Things and Old Things

Over the past couple of days Ripley has developed a few favourite things and a few fears. He is deathly afraid of a small wobble executive toy that looks a little like a sea anemone, he is also VERY scared of the new shower we have just had installed in the process of getting a new bathroom in. I guess the shower looks a little too much like a snake and some form of primal instinct has kicked in from our times in the caves. As for favourite things, he really enjoys a good draw with the pastels we have, he does one drawing a day and we have kept them in chronological order, over the past couple of weeks the drawings have got more and more yellow. Now they are all yellow. I can safely say his favourite colour is yellow :)

I found this old video and uploaded it (mainly to freak out my long time friend Jason Birt as he will now have internet presence when you type his name on google video :) That'll freak him out. Anyway, it was taken MANY years ago, and I look bloody thin and bloody young, it was back in the days when I could afford sports cars, now I can't afford a paved driveway to park one on. Anyway - Ripley is better than all that material crap. Anyway - on with the video show...



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