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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Low point_: Vomit & Hateful Looks

Not a good night. Ripley is ill. Picture the scene; I am tired, Ripley is in bed, suddenly we here him vomitting while lying on his back in the cot. Penny is first on scene with me seconds behind. We clean him up, I give him water, he vomits. We clean him up, I give him water, he vomits, repeat 4 to 5 times. After a while I give him some baby paracetamol which he usually loves, but this time he screams at me and gives me a look of pure hatrid, I manage to get a bit in his mouth... he vomits. At this point he is so tired he falls straight to sleep. Having used up virtually all of his sleep suits in 1 hour we decide to put him in our bed, he sleeps the rest of the night soundly and wakes up feeling much better - though still very unwell. The difference now is that yesterday I was the bee's knees, today's I am... erm... the wasp's sting, (bad expression of a paralogical metaphor extended from the root term). He can't stand me, won't let me hug him, won't even look at me really. When I hug Penny he screams at me. This is not good, I can't seem to get him back on side, it is as if he has on some level blamed me for his illness. I know he doesn't understand why he gets ill but I feel tired and ill myself and now I don't even have my little boy making me feel better. Not a good day.



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