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Friday, March 31, 2006

Low point_: Sleep, I hardly knew ye

Sad news in the paper this morning (see left - click to enlarge).

Ripley - isn't sleeping again - in fact he isn't just "not sleeping". He is SCREEEEEAMING the f*&Ģing house down. Seriously I don't know HOW I coped the first few weeks of his life when he did it a lot. Basically it feels just as bad if not worse than that. We have no idea why in the last few days he has got SO bad. We have to assume he is in pain with his teeth or has a bad tummy or something, anything! But I think the reality of the fact is he loves to be with him Mum and Dad so much that he will drive us to the point of a major killing spree so that we take him into our bed for a quiet life. It makes you a nervous wreck. You end up lying in bed waiting for the air-raid siren, that is his cry, to start up. And yet he is so lovely through the day. A wonderful little chap who delights literally everyone he sees. We end up taking ages to get through supermarkey checkouts because we end up with 2 of the counter staff making "goo goo" noises at them, one said the other day - "I have seen cute babies but he is too cute" she had a slightly nervious look about her when she said it, I know what she means, I feel like telling her - yep - you guessed it - he is the devil in disguise. During the night I could happily sell him to the nearest Nomadic Desert Tribe for 7... no... 5... NO.. 3 camels.... with limps... and dodgy humps. Anyway - he is a cutey pie really, it is a true test of a good parent on how they deal with this kind of situation... being a true amateur, I have bought a book.

I didn't really go on a killing spree. So, wondering how I did the newspaper thingy? - then check this out. The newspaper snippet generator

For EVEN MORE fun check out this FANTASTIC blog dedicated to All things that generate other things :) The Generator Blog



At 5:42 PM, Blogger Dave Pearson said...

Shame you got the date wrong. ;)

At 5:56 PM, Blogger KiTT said...

I had to leave a small clue that it wasn't real :) Or people wouldn't visit my blog any more.


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