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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Progress Update_: Speaking & Stuff

I guess it is one of those things where you would properly have to be there, but the other day he was looking at a picture of a train and trying to say the word, with a little frown he said... "T.. t... t... t...... ROUND ROUND". That bloody washing machine is affecting his development I am sure :)

Anyway, we have bought him some cards with pictures of everyday household objects, you simply show the cards to the child and repeat the word. He is fascinated by them and is already attempting to say some of the words. The most well pronounced word is obviously "round" (in reference to our favourite household appliance) and "wow" which he uses for the usual reasons (a word he picked up from me), but just recently he is having a stab at saying banana, "nanaba" which he speaks in a low whisper - a sign that he is a little bit shy of the fact he can't get it 100% right.

New trick: kissing, it is adorable, he put his lips up against your cheek and goes "mmmmmmmmwhaaa". Very cute.

We are visiting preschools now, Ripley will have to start preschool at around 2 1/2. amazingly the waiting list means that you have to put your child down for a place the moment he or she is born. We didn't know that, so Ripley will at best have to start when he is 2 3/4. We will pad any discrepancy with some expensive trips to the local nursery (50 a DAY!). we took him to visit a preschool just recently, he immediately jumped down and started running around playing with the toys and interacting with other children. The funniest moment was when he saw a toy train and went to grab it, a little boy of similar age yanked it back off him, Ripley stared at him then spun round and looked at me with pouting lips. I guess it is now on record as being the first time he was victim of a perceived unjust act. It was very cute, a lesson learned; you can't always get what you want.

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