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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Diary_: ooooh it's all happening, what? Nothing.

That thing I didn't want to talk about is a step closer to happening, so I am feeling pretty happy... When it is all sorted I will talk about it but not now. God, what a pointless blog entry ;). Better say something about the boy... Running around like a hooligan, feel asleep on my chest the other day, our bond is as strong as it was when he was 6 weeks old - after a period of mummy adoration it seems he has noticed me again. He is devloping a highly complex language where everything is a different inflection (is that the right word sorry if it isn't I'm on the blackberry, no thesarus, what's another word for thesarus) of the sound "da", apart from the washing machine which is a "roun roun". Cute.


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