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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Observation_: Ripley Signs at 14 Months

He is 14 Months old tomorrow and he is so damn clever. I am not saying he is any cleverer than other kids (I have no idea and don't care), but to me he is a genius. I am amazed by what he is doing.

All of a sudden (over the past week or so) he has totally got the idea of signing.

Sign language that he does:

Milk, Juice, Food, More, All Gone, Bath, Apple, Biscuit.

He invented the biscuit sign, it involved a sort of M sign with his arms, the international sign language sign for biscuit is to tap your right elbow. Ripley has simply adapted it to make it easier.

We are just starting to teach him joined up signing, e.g. Juice all gone, more food. I think he will get it really quickly.

His understanding of language is coming along really well. For example you can say, "Ripley give mummy your toy train" and he will. You can say "Put your dirty jumper in the washing machine" and he heads straight toward his favourite kitchen appliance. He is acting a little OCD :) He likes things to be in their place and makes sure they are. I guess this is why shape sorting toys are so well loved.

He is sleeping better, although his last few teeth are coming through now and he is in a little pain at night. That is the other thing; Pain - apart from the teeth he seems to be immune. For instance he fell the other day and whacked his head on a cupboard. He got straight up, made a disgruntled noise and patted his head... then headed to the washing machine.

Here are a couple of shots of Ripley in his idea of Heaven - MFI. Apparently he couldn't believe his eyes.


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