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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Observation_: Me (14 Months On)

OK. I am going to write about me for a change. Here is a list of things that I have noticed 14 months after Ripley was born:

Good points

1) Above all I have a lovely little boy now.
2) Sleep - I don't sleep as much as I used to but I have got used to it. If I am in bed at 9:30 it is a lie in now (unlike my 1pm lie ins before Rip). This is a good point not bad - my weekends feel longer now that I am awake more.
3) Career - I work to live now, not the other way around.
4) Nappies - I can change a wriggling baby in mere seconds.

Bad points

1) Old - I look older, I am only 30 but I have wrinkles now, my hairline is higher, my back hurts, etc.
2) Money - I don't have much money any more.
3) House - Our house is too small now.
4) Mental - I go "Ahhhhh" at pampers adverts.
5) Psycho - I want to kill people who let their massive lumbering dogs run around our local park barking at children.
6) Parents - If I say I am visiting they ask - "Ripley is coming too yes?" I am just the chauffeur it seems. I have fallen down the rankings of importance. I don't care really of course - I am pleased that they all love him so much.
7) Poppers - I have popped 15.8 Million of those sodding little popper things on baby clothes. Parents know what I am talking about.

I might add to this if I think of more.


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