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Monday, January 23, 2006

Misc_: Promiscuity / Twin Theory

Penny - who was a little jealous of my previous excellent theory - came up with her own theory which is also good - not as good as mine - but good all the same. So using my popular blog as a soapbox here it is:

Here are the facts:

1) People are more liberal about sex- basically they are more promiscuous.
2) Approx 10% of the youth today are infected with Chlamydia - possibly a great deal more.
3) Chlamydia buggers up your baby making bits.
4) Step in Fertility Treatment (IVF) to solve that problem.
5) Hey presto - IVF increases your chance of multiple births.

Therefore - cutting to the chase:

We are facing a future with a great deal more twins, triplets, etc.

If I can just add my theory on top of Penny's:

It will be a terrifying world where society will be divided into loaners and twins. Twins will naturally rule over the loaners as they will use their genetically enhanced psychic abilities to dominate and control. A lesson for us all. Wear a condom.


At 4:16 PM, Blogger KiTT said...

I have just read this in the cold light of day, what the hell was I talking about. Maybe it was a vision of the future :)


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