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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Misc_: Eastenders Government Sponsered Messages

Ok, I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist (which I am a bit). But Eastenders (UK soap opera TV program) is just full of government messages that support the current agenda or public opinion. We have learned that teen pregnacy is bad as are drugs, crime doesn't pay, remember the fallen WWII soldiers, don't be a DWP benefits scrounger, don't kill your husband (unless you are really pushed). Of course the underlying message from Eastenders is to be a good capitalist. All the characters lives are based around 1) The market 2) The pub 3) The Cafe 4) The laundrette 5) The Used Car Dealers - these are the five basic sets of the program. Every scene shows the characters in the process of paying for something or holding something they have just bought - be it a pint, receipt for a service wash, bacon sandwich, half a pound of apples, etc, etc. Where do these people get the money? They are broke cockney's living hand to mouth, and yet can afford rounds of drinks for all at the drop of a hat - hang on I have an idea - characters of Eastenders why not sell your houses (for upwards of 3/4 of a million for a 3 bed semi in the east end) then you can move somewhere nice, nice being where your chances of being stabbed, shot, exploded, burned to death or attacked by a dogs are dramatically reduced. The property capitalist message never seems to pop up, I wonder why?

I am still addicted to the bloody program :)

Family Update:

Penny - got a cold
Ripley - got a BOY cold (quite bad)
Chris - got a MAN cold (much worse)


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