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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Diary_: New Years Resolutions 2006

Here are the new years resolutions made by my family. I have entered them here so that we don't forget for next year. Plus they are funny.

Christopher's New Years Resolutions 2006

1) Move to bigger house
2) Feel happier about my (deleted for legal reasons, it is not to do with any part of my body - hahaha )
3) No more road rage
4) Sell Smart Car because I don't use it
5) Build workshop for Penny's cottage industry
6) Set a realistic saving budget after I move house
7) Save some money for something fun for ME - Arial Atom (it's a car), Motorbike.
8) Spend more time in the garden
9) Do more exercise (specifically swimming)
10) Try to stick to my resolutions unlike last year

Tristan's New Years Resolutions 2006

1) Fix the roof on house
2) Find a job
3) Make friends
4) Find a hobby
5) Stay away from Ex-girlfriend
6) Learn to drive
7) Don't lose temper
8) Try new things

Penny's New Years Resolutions 2006

1) Sell my designs on eBay and make money
2) Vacuum more
3) Stay in contact with Gary more

Dad's New Years Resolutions 2006

1) Try not to hate the world
2) Only hate certain people
3) Don't be proud
4) Accept money from your son when offered
5) In fact insist on the above preferably in the form of a percentage of his income for all the years of looking after him
6) Resist the urge to strangle Tristan
7) Try to care about how other people see me even though I don't care what people think
8) Don't keep denying Christopher is your son even though he lives in South East England
9) Try to find out who his father really is
10) Finish fixing things
11) Don't fight anybody at petrol stations
12) Don't underestimate other road users even though they are stupid
13) Try not to be prejudice against the Cornish as at least one of them is OK

Step Mum's New Years Resolutions 2006

1) Try to get to bed earlier


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