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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Diary_: Explosion at Bunsfield Oil Refinary Hemel Hempstead rocks South East of England

OK - it is 6:40am and it is Sunday - why am I blogging - because there is no other news on the internet about a massive explosion in the UK. This is a break from the norm, but worthy of an entry. Penny was woken this morning at 6am by a massive explosion which caused the house to shake. She lay there in the dark panicking. The explosion was of a magnitude she had never felt and she knew it had to be significant. She made no excuses for thinking that it could have been nuclear. As I slept she got up and wandered downstairs to try and get more info from the TV. Reports are now coming in to TV channels of a MASSIVE explosion in Hemel Hemstead - which is over 100 Miles away from where we live in Surrey!!! The reports are sketchy but it seems that an oil depot or refinary just exploded!

Penny never felt anything like it. We are still a little worried about it and so got up to make sure it is nothing more sinister. Pennys gut instinct was to drive us all to Cornwall if we were at risk from any chemical fallout from this thing. It is only 40 minutes after the explosion was heard, but there is no suggestion that anyone is in danger. Lots of people in Hemel lots windows and had the slates blown off their roofs, but other than that no deaths have been reported. Give it time. Someone must have been hurt by the blast wave alone.

If it was a fuel depot I am guessing the South East can expect a fuel crisis. Good job I work from home. Sorry - selfish - but there you go, blogs are new from the average Joes like me.

Nobody can accuse this blog of just being another baby blog - this is more info than anywhere else on the internet so far.

Fantastic photo from near me here - http://photo.kitt.net/2005/12/massive-explosions-hit-fuel-depot-in.html



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