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Monday, November 21, 2005

Progress Update_: One Year

Well, it is hard to believe that we have survived a whole year. When he was born it was hard to comprehend even making it to the end of the week. Looking back you realise how difficult having a child actually is, especially when you see how he is now. He is a little boy, he has a great sense of humour and clearly a quite complicated personality.

I thought I would just plug in the old voice recognition software and talk for a while about his likes and dislikes.


Light switches - he absolutely loves light switches, wherever he is, if he sees the light he is automatically looking for the switch, he points out it and makes little grabbing emotions in the air to let us know that he wants to get to it. He will turn off the light, then look at it to make sure it it off, then he turns it back on, and looked at it to make sure that it is on. Repeat ad nauseam.

Washing machines - the obsession continues, no need to elaborate, every parent understands. Strange thing is though, he is really afraid of Penny's mum and dad's washing machine. No explaining that one.

Mummy - he loves his Mummy, a bit too much for my liking, okay that sounded a bit weird, it is hard for a father not to feel a little bit hurt when his son will climb over him to get closer to mummy. It is funny really, some of my parent friends are in exactly the same situation, you just have to be accepting of fact that little boys love their mummies more at this age. It isn't that he doesn't like being with me, he clearly does, I make him laugh so much that he gets hiccups, it is just when he is feeling shy or tired he needs to have somebody comforting and, with the greatest respect to Penny, not too exciting.

My guitar - he loves my acoustic guitar, whenever he is in the basement he always makes a beeline straight for it. He twangs away for ages. I am sure he will be better than me one day, based on my current skill level and his staggering learning curve, probably next Tuesday.

Planes - I don't even know how he spots them, we are miles away from an airport, so when a plane does fly overhead it is about 2 miles up. But he can see them, he points and laughs, I have to squint to see what he is seeing.

Cats - he loves cats, he finds them very amusing.

Asparagus - still loves this stuff. We buy tons of it now. Neither penny nor myself can stand it.


The vacuum cleaner - he really hates the Hoover. He is afraid of it even when it is off.

Mummy leaving the room - even for a second, if Penny walks out of the room it is like the sky is falling down on his head. It really is heartbreaking.

Cool things he does:

Helicopter Noise - he makes a soft chopper chopper noise when you show him a picture of a helicopter, it is really cute.

Walking - well, I have covered this one, still find it amazing though.

Pushing he trolley - little things impressed me, John pointed out the other day that he adjusts the angle of his trolley so that he gets where he wants to go, it will only go in a straight line you see. But it is interesting that he has an understanding of that.

Throwing stuff - he makes a little frustrated sounding grunt and chucks stuff vertically in the air, I am staggered that nothing has come down on his head yet. It usually ends up landing behind him, he will spin round, find the object and to do it again. I remember when I visited Alcatraz hearing that prisoners used to do that very same game in order to stay sane in solitary confinement, it is harder when it is in the dark. Wow, that was a tangent.

And in other news:

I bought Penny a "congratulations for making it through an entire year" present. It is a quicks recurve club level archery set. Penny likes the fact that it is more powerful than a handgun, that is what having a kid it does to you, makes you a bit mad. Anyway she is looking forward to joining a club and starting shooting. I am really tempted to buy one for myself, it can be a family hobby.

I have started making bread instead of buying it, not in one of those fancy bread makers either, the old school way. I find it is quite a good stress reliever. Plus my bread doesn't have any additives, apart from when I don't wash my hands - only joking - tee hee.

We are seriously considering moving house, need somewhere bigger, having a kid has made me profoundly aware of the size of my garden. I need somewhere that will fit a trampoline, paddling pool, slide, swing and all the other paraphernalia that will make our garden fun. Also, I really need some more space inside, our house seemed massive when we first moved in but now it is feeling a little tiny bit cramped, who knows one day we might want to have another! In order to get a house like this I'm going to have to spend some money, or maybe even some of the bank's money :-) Time to increase the UK's debt mountain.


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