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Monday, October 10, 2005

Observation_: Baby going off his food

We found out this little fact the hard way. We couldn't figure out why Rip stopped enjoying the foods he used to love. He wouldn't eat and then would get hungry and upset at strange times of the day.

After a bit of research it came down to two issues.

Firstly - he is teething
Secondly - most importantly he wanted to do it himself.

He is now into self feeding, even to the extent of using a spoon to eat sloppy foods (quite messy). It has changed the way we feed him and also what we feed him. Penny now has the added challenge of making nutritious food that is easy to handle.

The weird thing is that his favourite food is now.... Asparagus! Yuk. He goes crazy for it. He even does a little excited wiggly dance when he eats it which always makes me laugh.


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