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Monday, October 10, 2005

High Point_: Web Popularity

I must say I am shocked! I have been running various website about loads of different subjects for years. I installed some web statistic software on my server and discovered this blog page gets a lot of unique hits!

I honestly thought this blog was primarily visited by my friends and family, but now I see it is a highly ranked blog with lots of subscribers.

I also noted that just the word 'Ripley' typed into a google image search will show my Ripley who apparently outranks that other Ripley (believe it or not) and Ms Weavers alien arse kick character.

I haven't written much on this blog lately, it has mainly been a photo journal of Ripley's development. I will try and write more to keep it interesting and hopefully informative.

Thanks again to all my visitors!

Christopher Gray



At 2:04 AM, Blogger R. Hawkins said...

The link to your web cam site takes you to this blog. I put the link on my webcam site thinkg it was a czmera site. He is cute!!


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