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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Quote Holiday Unquote

He was ill, she was ill, I was ill. I have had arguments on lovers point, Monterey. Been bitten to death by anonymous bugs in Yosemite. Drove back across half of California to experience 3 days of dreary San Francisco weather and the final insult get stuck there while their GENIUS mayor (who I am guessing got elected purely on his looks) CLOSES EVERY ROUTE OUT OF THE CITY FOR A BIKE RACE. We almost would have missed our flight home if it wasn't for Penny begging half of the SFPD to let us through road blocks & my ludicrous disregard for speed limits on the 101, many other more sensible drivers with less persuasive wives are sleeping in departures at SFO tonight. Hey San Francisco - Vote for the other guy next time.

Penny really saved the holiday, she looked after us both and helped snatch some really good memories from what would have been a total failure.

I am writing this on my flight home, it is really late and I land really early in the morning. I am tired and I have to get back to work the next day. Basically I need a holiday...But if I may finish on a truism - (there really is) no place like home.

Rip Update (in an attempt to keep this blog real) - he is balancing a little (then falling on his butt). Saying ?Mama? more than ?Dada?. Grabbing daddy?s new carefully sculpted beard which makes me look 50 and uncannily like my old IT lecturer from St Austell, Mr Gaukroger (bit of info for you social engineers)... you see that!! PARANOIA has set in to top it all off :(


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