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Monday, June 20, 2005

Hot in Paris

After long delays I have Just arrived in Paris. As soon as I stepped
off the plane I was hit both with a wall of tropical heat 30'c and a
sense of dread. The tropical heat has been blown in from the Atlantic
and is engulfing everywhere in Europe with no sign of calming. The dread
was brought on by being a Englishman with schoolboy level German
language skills standing in an airport that appeared (possibly by
design) to confuse only me. I have the added disadvantage of not only
not speaking a word of French but not being able to pronounce anything

After a drawn-out discussion with an information desk, which comprised
mainly of me speaking loudly in a french accent, I am now sitting in the
back of possibly the world's hottest mini van with 3 other sweating
travellers. After driving for half an hour we appear to have made it
back to where we were, although it could be another grey concrete
terminal. Hang on... It is the same bloody place.

Missing Pen & Rip, who at the moment I should probably collectively call
Rippen as Rip is going through a clingy stage which is not good for
anyone. Penny is feeling stressed from the continual crying whenever
she leaves the room, and I appear to have changed in his eyes from a
hysterically amusing superman to an annoying pink obsticle blocking the
view of his Mum. He is crawling and has a second tooth (both on the
bottom row).

All of us have been suffering in this heat, leading me to conduct
elobarate experiments with fans and blocks of ice trying to cool Rip's
room a little. I am determined not to buy an aircon. Firstly becuase I
am saving for 'the plan' and secondly... Aircon in England! Madness!

Oh yes, just turned 30, Pen too. I have a great bunch of friends who
all came around and had a good weekend enjoying the sun. Dad went home
from his weekend stay yesterday, missed him as soon as he left.

Just gained 2 more in the travelling sauna. Merde.


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