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Sunday, June 12, 2005

7 Months Today

Well he is really moving now. You have to watch him every second.

Likes - Spoons (metal ones), Any song by the Eels especially "Hey Man, Now you're really living", plastic bags :(, Wires (preferably plugged into the mains), plug sockets, Swings, Knocking over wooden blocks, emptying cardboard boxes, expensive electronic equipment, door wedges, remote controls, keyboards, removing wipes from boxes, banging things, opening draws, sucking Mummy's face, grabbing Daddy's chest hair (& twisting), crawling off sofas/beds/anything high enough to cause him damage, shouting, other babies, cheese.

Dislikes - People blowing their noses, the blender, the shredder, the hoover, us sleeping, not being the centre of attention, cod.

Anyway, he is tiring us out :) But is a good way. We are trying to sell our cars at the moment. Looking to buy a nice new (ish) 4 door one, thus saving Pen's back from any damage.

His single tooth is through. He is drooling a lot, but his mouth isn't causing him too much pain at the moment. He chews everything. It is fecking sharp!

He seems quite unfazable. He regularly bumps and bangs himself while he learns to crawl, but it never stops his mission and he never cries, this is a good sign.

His swimming is coming along, he is level 2 now, which basically means you can dunk him under as many times as you like and he never cries. Also he can swim underwater for a few feet and cling onto the edge of the pool.

It's my birthday soon. The big three zero. This year I will be hard to buy presents for, I have everything I have ever wanted.


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