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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

On a jet plane

Well, started the new job. Always hard trying to find your feet in a
new company, so far so good, just the usual blind panic and stress. As
I type this (on my new gadget courtesy of the company) I am sitting on a
flight to San francisco. I have to say, leaving Penny and Rip was
really hard. REALLY hard. Queuing for security checks I was hoping
that they might discover a reason for me to stay in the UK, alas no. I
am looking forward to learning lots + touring the city. I guess time
will fly, so I need to concentrate on the task at hand - working out
what my new job is about :)

I'm about 7 hours in now, watched 3 movies, eaten 5 bags of peanuts,
drank 2 pepsis. I like flying, everyone in my family believes it to be
the best part of a trip :). I guess it rubbed off on me. Its 6pm back
home, Rip will be getting tetchy and Pen starting to feel tired, hope
she isn't missing me too much. Pop... The distant sound of champane
corks hahaha

Pen will be more worried that I am missing her too much, silly really,
I will be too busy to wallow in self pity (shame, I enjoy a good wallow
once in a while)

Ah well, this diaristic (is that a word?) behaviour must stop. I will
drop this into my outbox and hopefully it will send when I arrive.

I love my blackberry... It is my only outlet at the moment... That and
the airline peanuts.
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