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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Day 2 in San Francisco

It is 10.40am and I have just stopped at a cafe having just trekked from
downtown toward the wharf. The plan today is to bike the bridge. I
have a ruck sack for all my stuff, the only problem is I feel tired,
sunburnt and I have a stinking head ache. The coffee, cheesecake and
water is helping but I may yet have to hit the painkillers. I am as red
as a beetroot, the hazy sun yesterday lulled me into a false sense of
security, won't make that mistake again, now covered in sun block I
resemble a greasy lobster. I am missing home and spent last night
worried about work, I feel I have lot more to learn and not much time
to do it in. I'm walking the plank and about to be dunked in the deep
end. Ah well, I miss having my family around to talk me out of my daft

My first impressions of SF are:

- man, the hills are steep
- wow, every other person appears to be insane, seriously, there are a
lot of crazy people here, must be lsd dropouts from the sixties?
- chinatown in sf is just like china, the most chinese chinatown I have
ever been in.
- there sure are a lot of men holding hands here, not too surpised about
- parking is expensive
- the wharf is cheap tacky and touristy, I love it.
- wow loads of seals
- I haven't properly seen the bride... Which moves to my last point..
- fog, mist, it come and goes with amazing speed.

Anyway, having fun, missing home. Signing off.


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