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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

6.5 Month Update

In the last couple of days he has started his first crawls across the living room floor. He mainly pulls along with his arms but is working out that the odd kick with the legs helps him go faster. Sometimes he gets into the rhythm and he is off. We cannot leave him alone for more than a few seconds. The other day he propelled himself off the sofa, I caught him before he touched the ground but the shock made him cry and I felt bad about that. He sits up by himself now too. His tooth is just poking through and is causing him pain and us sleepless nights. It is difficult at the moment, especially as I have a new job and am trying to concentrate on that. The job is going well, I am off to Paris then on to Amsterdam in a few weeks, I miss everyone when I am away, but as I am working from home now I can take my coffee breaks with my family. Here is a photo of the little fella sitting up by himself.

Oh yes, took him to have a look around the Surrey show the other day, he got moo'ed at by a very big cow and cried for about an hour. I guess we can strike farmer off the career list.



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