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Friday, April 01, 2005

Back Home

Haven't posted for a while. Got back home from my week away last Sunday. It is great to be home with Pen and Rip. The reaction from Rip when I appeared was priceless. He was asleep and I was sitting on the sofa watching him. He opened his eyes and looked at me, staring unblinkingly for about a minute without a trace of expression on his face. At this point I was convinced that he had forgot who I was. I picked him up and he had a better look at me. He then started laughing, REALLY laughing, then stopped, then started crying just for a few seconds which soon merged back into laughter, this repeated a few times. He was really pleased to see me again. He just couldn't quite decide if he should be happy or sad :) Cute.

Over the last week I had 3 major niggling worries in my life, 2 of which I can't go into detail for various reasons. But by far and away the most worrying of them all was a small matchhead sized bump on Rip's hand. At this point I must say that the doctor has seen it, he is perfectly OK and I am assured that the bump will disappear over time. It is just one of those ganglieon things (bad spelling). Pen and I breathed a sigh of relief I can tell you. It was funny how all the other "Big" problems were thrown into the shadow this little bump. It reenforces the fact that everything takes a second place to the well being of your family. That is obvious but sometimes you get reminded. Now that the doc has said all is OK my other problems came back into focus, I had forgotten about them and now they still seem insignificant.


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