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Monday, March 14, 2005

Smart Arse

Well, we finally did it. We are the proud owners of a Mk 7 Smart Car (Pulse) - (pictured above). I love it! It makes my journey to work far less stressful than in the sports car (which we are selling). It is easy and fun to drive, quick off the mark and corners pretty well. The interior is spacious even for me (a 6 footer) and it has plenty of space in the back for cases, computers and what not. At 65+mpg combined, it is cheap to run too! The best thing is I can park this baby anywhere. Guys hate 'em, girls love 'em (suits me). This smart car compliments our lifestyles perfectly. It is honestly the first car I have owned that I go out for a drive in simply for the fun of driving it.


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